Friday, April 6, 2012

Review - Birdie Down by Jim Graham @jimsgraham

Birdie Down (Rebellion) by Jim Graham

The author offers this synopsis:

The Outer-Rim rebellion stumbles into its second day - and in the wrong direction.

The third generation residents of the resource-rich New Worlds are seeking to throw off the yoke of corporate rule. Ex-Resource War veteran, Sebastian Scatkiewicz and his colleague, Andrew 'Birdie' Goosen, have dared to take on the biggest company of them all. Hot from attacking the Lynthax Corporation head offices on Trevon and then on G-eo they're planning to attack a third. But there's friction in the rebel camp. Scat's ignoring the advice of colleagues. His personal beef with Jack Petroff, Lynthax's head of security, is affecting his judgement; his friends and political masters are doubting his motives; and the loyalty of the newest recruits is far from certain...

 For a book written in five weeks, it ain't half bad. It has all the elements a sci fi story requires, lasers, star ships and rebels. It reminds me of a space opera than anything else. The characters are not developed to a point for me to invest myself in them. They seem to be very stereo-typical.

Graham should be congratulated on writing and publishing this book in record time. I would hope he can keep up the pace and should have a large collection of work in no time. I was not particularly impressed by this story. It did not find it very interesting to me. At some points, I found it very annoying. Within the story is a laser rifle the author calls a PIKL. It stands for Pulsed Impulsive Kill Laser. In the entire story, the term PIKL is overly used. I would hope that in that vast universe there would be other types of firearms.

The story line is done well and resolves in a way that will allowing the characters to continues in other books. I believe a sequel is in the works. I can say that Birdie Down is not a must read but it's not something to avoid. Graham shows potential and talent and will only get better at his craft.

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