Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review - Banished: The Gods Among Us by William L. Deen @WilliamDeen

Banished: The Gods Among Us: Book One

The author offers this synopsis:

Enki is the son of Anu, God King of Nibiru. Heir to the throne and his father's closest confidant, his only rival is the malevolent god Inlil, his half-brother. Having committed transgressions against other gods, Inlil is put on trial. His father, Anu, banishes him to Earth. There, he is given the ability of versipellis, a shapeshifter. He chooses to reside in the form of a wolf and rules within that realm. With this banishment, Anu places one decree on Inlil. He must not encroach upon the domain of man. Inlil cannot resist. He discovers the pain and suffering of man strengthens him. He determines this empowerment can be used for a return to Nibiru. Once there, he plans to overthrow his father, and seek vengeance upon those responsible for his banishment. In response to Inlil's latest offense, Anu sends Enki to Earth. Also given the ability of versipellis, Enki chooses the form of a great white eagle and the adventure begins. Using myths and religious legends, Inlil recruits followers as the Egyptian god Apep and Zoroastrian demon Ahriman. For two thousand years they battle through ancient Egypt and Pakistan, with the future of mankind in the balance.

Did I judge the book by the cover? Yes, I did. I see a lot of covers and this one needs help. If I can offer any advice it's this; change the cover. Now, what I found inside was a pleasant surprise. This story rocked. I have a personal interest in the stories of the old gods. This brought new life to old stories. William L. Deen is a talented writer. The characters come alive like magic. The tension and excitement is felt from beginning to end. It begins with a court drama torn from the pages of god-like headlines and transforms into a chase across space and time.
When reviewers say a book is a page turner, this one is. When reviewers say a book is too good to put down, this one is. I highly recommend it.

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