Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review - Don't Use the Phone by J.R. Murdock @JRMurdock

Don't Use the Phone
By JR Murdock

The author offers this synopsis for the ebook:

Beatrice Paisley, a homeless woman, is waiting for a call. She's not sure who will call, but she sits and waits day after day and will not allow anyone to use her phone.

Oh my goodness, don't use Beatrice's phone. She will beat you silly with her umbrella. This is Beatrice's goal, to prevent anyone from using the phone. The power behind the story is the character interactions between the community and Beatrice. She's hated by some and loved by others.

Murdock clearly develops Beatrice's background and motivation. It's confusing as to why Beatrice won't allow anyone to use the phone. This is good news. It keeps you guessing until the end. I had a vague idea why she  might be waiting for a call but the reveal is still a pleasant one.

I recommend you reading it. Sometimes you need to read a feel good story.  

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