Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review - Burning Love by Nomar Knight @Nomar_Knight

Burning Love is a romance thriller novella. The author is Nomar Knight. The Digital Ink Spot interviewed Mr. Knight recently and gave some insight to the story, that interview can be found here.

Burning Love is not my usual type of story I gravitate to but I am intrigued by Knight and his generosity so I thought I would give it a shot. I would like to disclose the fact that Nomar Knight has been very supportive of the blog but that will not color my opinion of his story.

The book description goes like this:
Candy is a young, passionate woman who's looking forward to marrying Mr. Right. She thinks Sam is her guy so she accepts his proposal during a Las Vegas getaway. When she awakens in the middle of the night to discover Sam's not by her side, she finds the door to an adjacent room ajar. She looks and discovers Sam is busy making an assassination look like a murder-suicide. Instead of becoming victim number three of the night, Sam wants her to marry him with the promise that he'll teach her his trade. Will Candy accept his proposal and risk losing her soul or will a muscular stranger, Lucas, who claims to be an agent for the CIA be her savior? Things get complicated when Candy has to choose between both men. Either way, she'll find out the true meaning of burning love.

This is a very good description and the story has all these elements and Knight does a very good job at this. There are some points of sexually and descriptions of intercourse in the story that I thought were a little clunky but they are short and got the idea across and then it's back to the action very quickly. The action and suspense is where Knight excels. He does an awesome job of moving the story along and keeps you excited to see where the characters go. If you are a lover of suspense and action then this book does deliver. Knight is a talented writer and does suspense as good as any big name author. I am a fan now.

There is a plot point that is a huge left turn. HUGE. So much so I actually tweeted to Nomar Knight questioning this. If you don't mind spoilers you can read the tweet here. Yes, it threw me for a loop. But I calmed down and pushed on. And as a read on, it all magically made sense. Is Nomar Knight a magician? He must be because I loved where the story went from there. The mystery, The suspense. The action. All there and done right yet again. Do I wish the plot point wasn't as sharp? Yes. Did it kill the story? No.

I am excited to read more from Nomar Knight.

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