Sunday, May 27, 2018

First Destiny by David S. Clarke

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This is not your grandfather's America.

First Destiny begins the journey of a young man whose life must undergo profound changes after he is freed from years under an oppressive Regime. When he finds himself in a new and wild America, he sets out to search for his long lost sister but ends up in a fight against unspeakable evil where he must either win or die.

With the lives of those he comes to care about, especially the woman he falls in love with, and the survival of an entire town hanging in the balance, Cade Landon learns about a dark family mystery, the true meaning of love, and whether he has what it takes to give up everything for a cause greater than himself.

First Destiny is a futuristic thriller that provides a heart-pounding dive into what it takes for a country to start over and what kind of souls must rise up from the ashes to lead the charge.

Cade Landon is that kind of soul and a man destined to become future America's deadliest and most skilled counter-insurgency operative.