Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Zinovy's Journey by Ginny Jaques @GinnyJaques

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Zinovy's Journey is a unique and richly woven futuristic action adventure story about a man's journey through a new earth toward the discovery of a meaningful relationship with God.

Zinovy Kozlov has spent twenty-three years climbing the ladder of Russian military success one rung at a time. An Air Force pilot, FSB veteran, and now a cosmonaut on the Global Regime's International Space Station, he should be at the peak of his career. But Zinovy has enemies whose political power extends into space, and they are determined to kill him. Then the earth is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust and everything changes.

In Zinovy's Journey, suspenseful action and lively dialogue are carefully balanced to keep the reader turning pages, intrigued by the conflicts--both external and internal--and challenged by the underlying philosophical and religious ideas debated by the characters as they walk from Cape Canaveral toward a mythical city located somewhere in the center of the earth. The journey is a long one, and dangerous. Zinovy has few physical weapons to protect himself and his companions from the threat of evil men in this world where all human technology has been destroyed. And he has no spiritual weapons to protect his fortressed heart from the onslaught of love that he begins to realize has followed him from his orphaned childhood to the present moment. By the end of the journey, Zinovy Efimovich Kozlov has lost the battle with his Creator and won a prize more wonderful than he dreamed possible. He has discovered the meaning of his name. Zinovy means "Walking with God."

Multiple sub-plots including an engaging mystery and a gently developing romance deepen this story. A touch of humor lightens it. Interaction among a wide range of characters, both mortal and immortal, introduces an element of magic realism to the storyline as well. Zinovy's Journey is Christian fiction at its best.