Wednesday, March 28, 2018

SECRET SALVATION by Chad Josey @chadjosey

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POWER, CONSPIRACY, & REVELATION... the secret of salvation is to save humanity.

Dr. Joseph Bishop learns the truth behind the financial support of his research by The Eden Foundation, who confesses a protected secret of the coming obliteration of Earth in 2020, five years away. His research will sustain the future of human civilization... not on Earth, but on Mars.

"We call it Salvation," Eden informs Joseph, while showing pictures of the facility already established since the 1980s. "Salvation is our only chance for survival."

Home in New York, Joseph has three months to prepare for departure with his wife, Mary. Eden monitors his every moment, just as they have since his childhood. Joseph must keep this secret from everyone to save Mary and himself. A tragedy and learning a family revelation will give Joseph doubt about Eden's true intentions.

Flashbacks reveal the lengths Eden has gone to protect Salvation, being responsible for the world's greatest conspiracies the last sixty years. "It is amazing how easy it is to divert the world's attention." The same flashbacks expose Joseph's family connection to Eden. This relationship, rather than destiny, guides Joseph more than he knows.

"Secret Salvation" is a science-fiction, suspense novel and is Book One of the upcoming Salvation Trilogy.