Friday, December 29, 2017

Review: The Butterflies by Kimberley Waldron

In any town, there are bound to be a few bad apples. And the people of Larchmont, Texas are learning that they live among unsavory neighbors and work among unprincipled co-workers. The folks at the Larchmont PD are no exception. They are all flawed, but they have to work together to solve the biggest crime in the town's history. When a string of bizarre murders plagues Larchmont, Texas, a rural town drowning in sweltering heat, the residents witness a string of murders, and it gets easier and easier to predict who might be next. A pedophile preying on unsuspecting children. A funeral director taking advantage of his clients in their time of grief. A wretched old woman murdering animals. A heartless government employee who steals money from schoolchildren. As the worst of Larchmont's citizens keep dying, the people can't help but cheer for the killer. Can justice be served if people sympathize with a psychotic serial killer? Does their sympathy cross a forbidden line in the sand? Will this killer pay for these crimes, which leave the town a better place, or will the killer walk away? A skillfully written, twisting, fast-paced read that is complex enough to keep you interested and maintains your curiosity to the last page.

Review: What a great plot. If the the worst people in town were killed, would anyone care? Maybe their families, if they treated them well. In this story, few weep for the dead. I was surprised until the reveal of the killer and to be honest I was confused by it. I didn't expect it. I believed there was going to be a twist. There's all ways a twist. Details through out the book come together at the end. It was really cool how Waldron brings it all together. I enjoyed it.