Thursday, November 30, 2017

How to Make a Baby by Sadie Sumner @SumnerBurstyn

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An almost romantic novel about motherhood, marriage and making babies the modern way.

How far would you go to have a baby?
Monica has everything - a successful career and a stylish townhouse, a creative husband, a designer dog and a gay best friend – everything except a child. As she nears 40, baby fever hits her like the flu. Consumed by mommy ache and in a last attempt at motherhood Monica turns to deception, buys an egg, and hires Kavitha, a reluctant surrogate mother in India.
There, in the heat and ferment of Kolkata, Monica discovers nothing is what it seems when you try to make a baby the modern way. As her world falls apart, a new baby’s future hangs in the balance.

In the spirit of Big Little Lies and Eat Pray Love, How to Make a Baby is a modern family satire of romance, making babies and the complexities of motherhood.
If you’ve ever had baby fever or wondered about surrogacy or found motherhood, marriage and making babies more farce than romance, then How To Make a Baby is for you.

Find out today, just how far Monica will go in her quest to create the perfect family.