Sunday, June 15, 2014

Interview with Justin Bienvenue @JustinBienvenue

The Digital Ink Spot: Please share with the reader who you are.  
Justin Bienvenue: I am Justin Bienvenue and as a writer I am an author an poet. Some days I write poetry and other days I write short stories it really depends on the type of writing mood I’m in. On a really good day I could write both. My inspiration is endless coming from what I see outside and inside around me or what I watch on television and take in, again my inspiration for poems and stories is truly endless and could come from anywhere or anything. As a writer I like to be simple, meaning I write in a way to which the reader can understand, enjoy and even visualize what they are reading without getting confused. I really started writing for a career a few years back when I decided to write a book upon a lazy day in which I felt there was nothing I could do to get myself-esteem going again. My writing roots in the sense of poetry date back to my freshman year of high school in which I frequently wrote poetry on and off. I have a background in creative writing and write in all kinds of forms of poetry such as free verse, rhyme and prose just to name a few. The writer in me is a lot more eager and determined then regular me, every now and then my writer part tries to encourage regular me to get a jump start. When my mind is completely set and I have lots of thoughts running there is no telling what creation my imagination can come up with.

The Digital Ink Spot:  What are you trying to accomplish as a writer? 
Justin Bienvenue: I am trying to accomplish success, I am trying to become an establish and well respected writer. For people to read one of my books and enjoy it so much that they want to read more of my works. As a writer I want to give readers a truly enjoyable story or poem and open up their horizons to my style. I want to accomplish recognition as not only an author but as a poet, since poetry tends to go less noticeable these days I want to try and open peoples eye’s to it and give them a new found appreciation for it.
My latest book is just that, poetry. It is called Like A Box of Chocolates and it is a book of 40 poems within many different genres. For those who like horror, science fiction, mystery, fantasy, romance, bizarre, whatever it may be there is a poem for everyone to enjoy. I came up with the idea after making up poem titles to which I would have friends vote for on Facebook after a while I had enough poems to the point that I decided that a book should be made. I like to consider this book a buffet of poetry because there’s all different types of genres to read and you can read a few and then go back in for more.

The Digital Ink Spot:  When is your newest book available?
Justin Bienvenue: My book is currently available now on Amazon and Createspace. I started writing the poems around two years ago and it wasn’t until back in January that I started putting them together into a book.

The Digital Ink Spot:  Where can readers find you?
Justin Bienvenue: You can find me and my works at several places. Website:
Facebook: Twitter: or @JustinBienvenue Goodreads: Books: Like A Box of Chocolates: Createspace: A Bloody Bloody Mess in the Wild Wild West: CreateSpace: The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore: Createspace:

The Digital Ink Spot: Why should people read your stories. What sets them apart from the rest?
Justin Bienvenue: People should read my works because they are unique and original. They are my spins on poetry and stories. Chances are when you read my work your reading something you’ve either never read before or you usually don’t read on a regular basis. I try to separate myself from others when it comes to writing and I like to think I have done just that. So the best thing I can say is if you like originality and creativity then you’ll like my works. 'Writing for enjoyment, employment and to remain sane'