Sunday, December 9, 2012

Review: Bigfoot War: Frontier by Eric S Brown

Bigfoot War: Frontier

The west was a land of opportunity. It offered the chance of a new beginning and Ray sorely needed one. His dark past would soon be left far behind, but. . . the west also held dangers that no one could have foreseen.

The wagon train rolled on, wary of an attack by warring Indians, straight into the den of the beasts. At night, the Sasquatch came seeking blood
and the journey west quickly became a struggle for survival.

I've been a fan of Eric S. Brown for years despite not reading a lot of his work. I liked Brown from audio interviews and the kind of stories he produced. I fell for Brown as an author way back when he was writing zombie and comic hero stories. I loved the short story The Queen. It was so different than any other zombie story I had read, yet still very much a zombie story.
Lately, I've been hearing buzz about Brown's Bigfoot series. This was my chance to dip my big toe in the pool of Sasquatch. The water was warm, blood warm.
Bigfoot War: Frontier is action packed. Think of an unstoppable hairy Juggernaut roaring its lungs out as it comes barreling toward you as you lose all control of your bodily functions. It's like that and more. Eric S. Brown does great story and character development in such a short amount of time. Did I mention the action? Holy smokes, there is a lot of action and carnage from the Bigfoot clan. It is intense and very much like a zombie horde, no one is safe in this story.
I highly recommend this story and this author.