Sunday, December 9, 2012

Return To Sender by Aseem Saxena @RedNightHawkCom

Return To Sender: A Collection Of Short Stories

Warning: this book contains scenes of violence and swearing.  Even worse, it also contains scenes of extreme childishness and caring!
Since life doesn't follow one genre, my stories don't either.  These are some of the most loved, entertaining, uplifting, thought-provoking, or impactful short stories I've written from 1987-2012.  Most can be read in 10 minutes or less.
Included in this fine collection (that makes a worthy addition to any library):
Return To Sender (Version B)
You can give your heart to someone you love, but should you ever give your soul?
The Pool Boy
Can a stranger, without a land to call home, help a woman, who's estranged from her own land, feel at home?
One Last Sunset
Why do starfish let themselves wash up on the beach?  Should you really be tossing them back in just because it makes you feel good?
The General's Store
A small town is beset with signs of change.  Some residents embrace it, others don't even want to tolerate it.
Well Of Despair
A man is taught a costly lesson, but was it really him that needed to learn it?
Underneath A Canopy
Reality rears its 'coyote ugly' head, deservingly so.
Unlovable?  To whom?
Nightmare On Helms Street
Speaking of small towns and change, nothing portends change to a way of life like an influx of foreigners - it's a real nightmare!
China In A Bull Shop
Not everyone is dying to hear those three little words, some have heard them too often (without really hearing them once).
A Shore Thing
A man thinks he's facing a life or death situation, until he realizes he has to choose both.
(What's this then, you're still reading this instead of the book?  Very well...)
Life Is Like Football...
What the heck does that even mean?  A couple surprises along the way in this one.
Return To Sender (Version A)
Averse to verse?  Too bad, this version of Return to Sender has both rhyme and reason.
Coffee Table?
Finding the right furniture to suit your lifestyle and taste is difficult, but it may be more important than you realize.
Damaged Collateral (a tad controversial, sadly)
How far would you go to right a past wrong?  Would you know if you've gone too far?  Haven't we already?
Shake It Off - Shiver
What's a person, er, pencil-sharpener, to do when it just can't take any more?
The Bullet
Bullets don't kill people, people kill bullets.
What Would Guru Do (WWGD)?
A man seeking truth is sent on a 'trip' by a Guru.
A Moment In Time
A man makes a mistake and just can't seem to escape the consequences of it.
The love of the right woman can set a man straight, but this woman has only wrath to bestow.
The Wrong Line (scenes of violence!)
He who lives by the sword...
(Oh, come on, surely you've decided you want this book by now!)
Villains Like Me
Some people think they'd never commit murder, even if they already have.
Location, Location, Location!
Just like love, homes come and go.  A man seeks a new dream home, but are all the good ones taken, or can someone help him find the one that was meant for him?
Return To Sender (Version D)
Return To Sender gets another take, but is it for better or verse?
Wishy The Washer
An unlikely Western 'showdown' gives an oilman a chance to come clean.
The Last Straw
A life is lost...and found?
Wisdom, unplugged.
Tired Eyes
You can see the light, but do you really want to?
The Starting Line
Feeling bad that others seem to have gotten further in life than you?  Maybe they haven't really.  There's much more to this story.
Return To Sender (Version C)
Return To Sender returns to return to sender, this time for sure!                
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