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"For three years, dedicated covert agent and former SEAL commander Dillon Caldwell worked undercover as security adviser for drug czar Rafael Sanchez, head of the Sanchez Brothers Cartel. But someone deliberately blew Dillon's cover, and his family paid the brutal price. Dillon's wife, sister and parents—all killed in cold blood. Now a vengeance wilder than the jungles of Colombia drives Dillon to hunt Sanchez down and dispense some personal, one-on-one instruction in all the ways a man can be made to suffer.

But someone who knows about Dillon and his black ops mission continues to undermine him and he's determined to find the leak, no matter the cost—he is, after all, a man with nothing left to lose. Then Dillon's "risk everything for the sake of retribution" attitude is shaken when he makes the mind-blowing discovery that his wife is alive. Somehow she survived the explosion the FBI claimed had killed her. Except—she doesn't want anything to do with him. It's bad enough that for over a year she kept her survival a secret. But even worse, she has something the SBC wants—something the cartel is willing to kill for. Has Dillon rediscovered the wife he loved more than life itself, only to lose her all over again?

Sara Caldwell doesn't know this man who used to be her husband. Before the explosion, before the FBI persuaded her to go into hiding, her marriage had already begun to unravel. Dillon had grown much too close to his target's wife and daughter—the photos Sara received from an anonymous source had made that perfectly clear. But she'd never meant to make him suffer—the FBI had assured her they'd told Dillon she was alive. But they hadn't, which explained why he'd never tried to contact her. Not that it matters. With Dillon, the mission will always come first, and Sara has finally accepted she deserves more than that. And wasn't it Dillon's obsession with annihilating the SBC that jeopardized her life—and their future—in the first place?

Still, he deserves to know her secrets. All of them. Even the ones that will make him hate her forever, because too many precious lives are at stake. But with the bloodthirsty SBC stalking them, will Sara ever get the chance to let Dillon exactly how much he's risking?

If you're looking for a darkly thrilling read as unpredictable as it is emotionally wrenching, look no further. With The EDGE of TRUST, KT Bryan deftly delivers all that and more. Both the plot and the characters are gritty and layered, the story's intensity rising with every turn of the page. Graphic at times, the brutal edges are softened by Sara and Dillon's poignant recollections of more innocent, remorse-free time. These memories provide a stirring contrast to the overpowering feelings of hurt and anger that shadow every interaction between Sara and Dillon — even when they're running for their lives. Bryan had me asking myself over and over again the question that signifies a gratifying romance: How in the world will these two ever end up together?

Dillon's journal entries, recorded during his time spent undercover, were my favorite part of the story. In the midst of the couple's agonizing over whether their marriage is dead (while dodging bullets and jumping off cliffs), these snippets written by Dillon reminded me how much he cared for Sara, since he wrote them for her. Not only because she's a journalist always on the lookout for an exclusive, but because, before the revelations about his supposed affair, and before the explosion that ripped them apart, he felt close to her, and his journal allowed him to maintain that connection.

Adventure, betrayal, revenge and redemption— you'll find it all in The EDGE Of TRUST. And after reading this story you'll be as eager as I am to dive into the next book in Bryan's Team EDGE series, The EDGE of HONOR where the hero is a Navy SEAL. Hooyah!"

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