Friday, October 12, 2012

The Duplicata by David Thornhill Thompson @theduplicata

The Duplicata

Ned Pearson—wayward son of the New England investment-banking Pearson’s—wants to comfort his aunt Blake over the death of her son Willie. Cousin Willie, a super-wealthy Silicon Valley venture capitalist and collector, drove his rare, $15 million Ferrari off the side of a Sierra Madre mountain to a fiery death. But Ned—an international motor sports journalist and racing driver—just can’t make sense out of aspects of Willie’s death.
Puzzled, Ned sets off down the long backtrail that led up to Willie’s crash. Soon, he discovers that Willie was on a trail of his own, searching for unpleasant answers to dangerous questions. Along the way, Ned begins to fall in love with his dead cousin’s lovely (and now very rich) widow.
But Ned Pearson has no idea that he is being drawn into the deadly cross hairs of those threatened by the truth he’s seeking.  

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