Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Chinese Banker by Dustin Hill

The Chinese Banker

$10 per gallon gasoline is the norm. Protesters flood the streets. Riots erupt at grocery stores. It's not a nightmare. It's the next generation of warfare.

Foreign forces are working to debauch the U.S. currency, throw the country’s economy into a tailspin, and knock America from its role as the world’s lone superpower. But their actions are subtle and so secret, not one man in a million could recognize them as the world’s newest form of warfare.

Roger Cusak, a columnist for The New York Examiner, is the one man who can. Lonely and middle-aged, Cusak really wants to take a job in his hometown as the editor of its small daily newspaper. There he can reunite with the one woman he's truly cared about. But Cusak and a secretive retired general are the only ones on the trail of a Chinese conspiracy that threatens to scar the American way of life and change the world's balance of power forever.      

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