Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Switcheroo by Robert Lewis Clark


Field investigator Russell “Rust” Stover quickly finds trouble when he meets a seductive Country Karaoke Cocktail waitress with a secret, Tammy McHenry. She pulls him in with the story of her recently murdered husband and the theft of a fantastic teleportation discovery. Somehow Tammy’s two Ford pickup trucks mysteriously switch places at 3:17 am every night. The problem? One of the trucks was stolen the night her estranged husband was murdered.
Rust plays along, but his mind is put on its end when he sees for himself that the trucks really do teleport. He is pulled deeper into the caper, crashing his car during a chase and being attacked by shotgun rednecks. All for a client who is long on mascara and short on money. Rust is in lust with Tammy and falling in love with Wendy Forsyth; the pretty paralegal who works in his office building. Stretched between two women and the search for two missing trucks, Rust isn’t ready when the bad guys come out of the woodwork on the hunt for the invention. Wendy’s daughter is kidnapped.
Never having really finished anything before, Rust must dig deeper and try to right things. His journey to recover Tammy’s missing discovery and Wendy’s daughter takes him to Colombia and back to Knoxville, Tennessee, fleeing from an angry drug cartel, the mountain mafia and desperate nuclear scientist.!/switcheroobook

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