Friday, September 7, 2012

We Bought a Vintage Boat... by Susan Paulson Clark @susanpclark

We Bought a Vintage Boat ... and you can, too.

Can't shake that burning desire to buy a new boat? Wait! Maybe you should consider an old, ahem, I mean, vintage boat. Before you start the process, though, check out WE BOUGHT A VINTAGE BOAT ... AND YOU CAN TOO. It's a 34-page, 6200-word article divided into four parts: 1) Essay about a writer (me) & husband who snagged a 32-ft. vintage cruiser 2) Info for a cheapskate shopper (you) to get a good deal on an older boat 3) Corny boat names, in case you need inspiration for your "new" purchase 4) Boating novice glossary - impress your friends with terms like "bilge pump"

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