Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crossroads Serenade by Laurie Adair Grove

Crossroads Serenade: A Novel

Meredith Larsson’s domestic life with her fun loving, 'just-want-to-be-your-friend' mom and absentee father was pretty good, as far as she knew, anyway, for a small town Montana prairie girl. That is, until her mom married drunken, abusive Raymond, when Meredith was still just a kid. Then the family drama began!

With role models like that, it’s a miracle Meredith survives, but she does, and then some. But not without the help, love and support of a circle of friends; young and old, traditional and contemporary women and men, she meets along the way. In this coming of age family saga, Meredith and Pete, who is from a cattle ranching family, fall in love in high school, and make plans to spend their lives together. But the needs and wants of others, including a child, come between them, over and over. Meredith eventually emerges from her hardened background, becoming part of a caring group of people who are truly her family.


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