Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Threat (The Barren Spheres Trilogy) by David R. Koff

Threat (The Barren Spheres Trilogy)
The declaration of war was delivered just before darkfall. Prepare to be invaded. Winkon’s breath caught in his throatstem at the document’s audacity. Our food sources are disappearing. And ours are not? thought Winkon. Our offspring shrivel from lack of nourishment. Yes, and ours also. How will sending the parents of your offspring into another Sphere, ours, to die while killing the parents of our offspring—address the Threat? If you wish to capitulate in advance…. This time it wasn’t a thought, but a response, reverberating through Winkon’s whole being. Never. Never. Never. * * * An eight-eyed Hitler. A ten-legged espionage agent. A carapaced Queen. An intelligence-gathering avian courier service. A resistance fighter able to blur herself into invisibility. Sibling survivors of The Mist. These vibrant, dimensional characters and many more come together, and burst apart, in Threat. It’s a war of the worlds, in a time of diminishing resources, incomprehensible plagues, apocalyptic catastrophes, and tremors of extinction. Is it our world? Yes; no. Threat is familiar, casting a storyteller’s timeless, irresistible net (courage, betrayal; humor, fear, hope; a hostile, take-no-prisoners political climate and a desperate diplomatic search for peace). Yet Threat is startlingly new. The ground it breaks is right below our feet, where the main characters reside. There, on a fine, thin thread already fraying, the future hangs in the balance. Must it be the terrifying one, whose limits are already in evidence? Or is there another, more hopeful possibility? In 350 pages, Threat shows us the biggest picture there is, writ deep and small, microscopically so. With elements of science-fantasy, speculative fiction and political thriller, filled with brilliant characters, and non-stop, cliff-hanger action, told in language reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange’s inventiveness, Threat will provoke, satisfy, and enthrall readers.
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