Monday, February 13, 2012

Review - Shades of Gray by Andy Holloman @AndyHolloman

Shades of Gray by Andy Holloman

The author offers this synopsis of the book:

In the Fall of 2001, John’s life has fallen off a cliff. His six- year-old daughter, Lucy, needs a kidney transplant and his Durham, NC travel agency has been wrecked by the events of 9/11. He must find a way to secure a large amount of money quickly in order to pay for Lucy’s surgery. He’s been in tight places before but he’s currently out of solutions. Wanda, a client of John’s travel agency, has had her livelihood hit hard by 9/11 also. She can no longer transport cocaine via airline flights due to increase airport security. Like John, she is a single parent and has wanted to get out of her line of work for several years. She needs more money to allow her and daughter Tonya, to move from Durham to California and break free of her boss, Jamel. John and Wanda form a partnership around a plan to smuggle cocaine via cruise ships. His industry knowledge and connections would remove the transportation risks and she could handle the distribution and selling once they brought the drugs back to Durham. Despite being nearly killed on their first run, it worked. Wanda coaxes John into another trip while Jamel is becoming suspicious of Wanda. John’s half-brother Travis, a Durham police detective battling his own demons, can’t connect the dots between John and Wanda . He continues to line his pocket with ill-gotten gains. Lucy and John are the most important people in his life and he would gladly provide them with financial help, if only John would ask.
It's very rare to see an author knock it out of the park their first time up to bat. I believe Holloman has done just that with Shades of Gray.

Holloman has created a complex and intriguing crime world in Durham, North Carolina. It begins with the most unfortunate car crash. A little girl crying for her father who is slipping in and out of consciousness. He tries desperately to pull himself together to save his daughter. Will he reach her in time? Hollomon ends the chapter with that question unanswered and teleports you in time to introduce you to the stories main characters. Slowly he moves you forward in time and turns up the heat of suspense that builds to a boiling point that finally bubbles over and returns you to the exact moment Hollomon left us at chapter one.

It's an amazing story and I highly recommend it.

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