Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review - Ginnie Dare: Crimson Sands by Scott Roche @spiritualtramp

Ginnie Dare: Crimson Sands by Scott Roche (@spiritualtramp)

The author offers this synopsis of the book:

Ginnie Dare is the communications officer for her family’s space faring shipping company. They arrive at Eshu for a routine supply drop and discover that the entire settlement’s population has vanished. Their search of the site reveals nothing out of place, except the people, but ends in a tense confrontation with the natives. During the conflict, Ginnie discovers an alien artifact that may be the key to diffusing the conflict. Can she decode the artifact before it’s taken by the Sector Defense Force? Will it help them to discover the missing colony’s fate? Or, will the whole thing spark an interstellar war?

This is a likable book for any pre-teen to young adult. The entire story reminds me of an old Star Trek: Next Generation episode with a young Mr. Crusher. In this case, it's a young Ms. Dare. I liked the concept then, I like it now. She saves the day while all the brave and all knowing adults run around chasing their tail.

I really liked what the artifact did.  It was very cool idea. Mr. Roche brings these kind of nuggets to the table for readers to explore and appreciate. He's done this in past stories and I expect more of the same in the future. My only argument with Mr. Roche that he tends to take his time to get the party started. Once the party does start, Mr. Roche fires on all cylinders. I have read previous stories by Mr. Roche an I have gotten use to his style and I've come to accept it. New readers may rightfully be turned off by this style. They will be missing out if they do.

Young readers will definitely like the book. 

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