Friday, February 3, 2012

Review - Deadlocked 2 by A.R. Wise @arwisebooks

Deadlocked 2 is available at Smashwords and Amazon

Deadlocked 2 starts right where Deadlocked left off. David's wife, Laura is in momma bear mode and is doing what she has to do to protect her children and the things she does are off the charts. I am surprised by the lengths Laura will go to stay alive. She is a real fighter is putting it lightly

I loved the first book and this was even better than the first. It is a great story unto itself but it also adds to the over all story arc created by Wise in this four part series. I have the third part on my To Read List on Goodreads. What we learn in this 2nd story is that the zombie apocalypse is not by accident. (when is it ever) Laura stumbles across a couple of men who say they know what is behind this mayhem. How she handles those men is pretty hardcore.

The amazing thing and one reason why I like Wise's writing is because he gives insight to his characters and how they cope with death and killing. They change and the characters are aware of the changes in themselves. It's refreshing to find an author who writes in this genre and writes well.

This book and this series is well worth your time.

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