Sunday, February 26, 2012

Interview of K. H. Koehler @k_h_koehler

The Digital Ink Spot interviewed K. H. Koehler. You can learn more about Koeler at her website. Stories by K. H. Koehler can be found at Amazon. You may read the interview below.

The Digital Ink Spot: Tell a little about yourself.
K. H. Koehler: I'm the is the author of various novels and novellas in the genres of horror, SF, dark fantasy, steampunk and young adult. I'm a writer, a geek, a fan, a pet-owner, a dreamer, a professional cover designer, an associate editor at KHP Books and owner of K. H. Koehler Books.

The Digital Ink Spot:  I see you use Kindlegraph. How does that work? What if I have already purchased an ebook. Does it send me a new file? I'm very interested, please tell me more.
K. H. Koehler: I simply signed up for an account at Apparently, you can request an autograph by going to the author-specific page, such as mine at, and requesting it by clicking on the button that corresponds to the book you own, or want to own.

The Digital Ink Spot:  How many books do you have available and in how many different Genres?
K. H. Koehler: I currently have twelve books available, with three more coming up in 2012. You can see them all at

The Digital Ink Spot:  You have your story Bad Hand Man, a Tale of the Skillet for free. What is it about and what made you decide to give it away?
K. H. Koehler: I thought it was a great introduction to my world of the Skillet, which features predominantly in my steampunk/western collection Black Jack Derringer, the Complete Collection.

The Digital Ink Spot:  What can readers expect from you in 2012?
K. H. Koehler: A varied combination of steampunk, horror, pulp and erotica books. I don't much like the confines of just one genre. :)

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