Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Dark Road by Marissa Farrar ‏ @MarissaFarrar

The Dark Road
What starts as an adventure for Sasha Mills turns into a terrifying fight for survival... Emotionally blackmailed by the cold-footed fiancé she hasn't seen in a year, Sasha abandons her life in London to track him down in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where he's teaching. While in Bangkok, locals react strangely to her request to travel the following day, insisting it is a not a good day to travel. Ignoring the warnings, Sasha assumes some kind of bank holiday and offers a large amount of money, securing a seat on the solitary bus heading for Siem Reap. Thrown together with a random group of international backpackers, including the handsome Josh, Sasha is no longer certain of what lies ahead as they cross the Cambodian border and the roads turn into dirt tracks. Soon after, a storm like none she's ever witnessed before descends upon them. When one of their group disappears off the side of the road, Sasha realizes she has more than just the warnings of land mines to worry about. One by one, the travelers lose their minds and their lives as they are plunged into the terrifying secrets of The Dark Road.
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