Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review - A Heartstorm: a window to the soul in poetic forms by Nadina Boun @nadinaboun

A Heartstorm: a window to the soul in poetic forms is a collection of 68 poems. The book is divided into three parts; love, doom, and random inspirations. Boun's poetry expresses love, pain, betrayal, doubt, fear, abandonment, hope, death and loss.

Like all poetry it can reveal the inner workings of the poet and I want to be respectful of those feelings and the experiences the poet had to create this book. Any problems I have with the collection is my own taste and not anything against her personally.

The third section of the collection I did like more because of the more modern structure and vocabulary. I found that style more to my liking. I also found that the poetic structure wasn't uniform, from poem to poem and section to section, different styles were employed, but what was most evident was more of a classic style.

The themes expressed in the book were powerful and yearning for love to be reliable and experienced fully and done very well. Boun pours here heart out and is constantly disappointed by love. I applauded her for her honesty and transparency. She has gone on to say that looking back, she has grown and matured since writing those poems. She has a new collection coming out very soon and I am eager to see the change in her creative voice.

It's a wonderful expression of Boun's life and would best be appreciated by lovers of classic poetry. I would say that those who seek classic poetry might like this collection.

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