Friday, January 20, 2012

Review - The Hate by S.L. Pierce @piercebooks

The Hate is a short story accompanied by another short story called Manhunt. The Hate is a story of revenge. It's interesting to see the hunter become the hunted but it ends very quickly and jumps right into the action. I feel the story is very formulamatic. That may not be an actual word but you get what I mean, right. I've heard this story before and was not surprised or intrigued. The writing style doesn't stand out for me either. The story that comes with the The Hate is called Manhunt and I can say the same about it too, not great writing but Pierce gets it done and in Pierce's own style. I do not enjoy Pierce's style for short stories.

Manhunt has a crazy twist in the end. I did not care for it. It was like watching Empire Strikes Back and hearing Darth Vader reveal he is Luke's father for the 100th time. Yawn. It was too easy.

The Kindle version has bonus material at the end. Excerpts from the novels Secrets and The Devil's Game. Skip the short stories and jump to these. There are far more interesting and better written. I feel bad for giving such a bad review but I think these stories deserve it. But reading the excerpts from the novels are Pierce's saving grace. Pierce is a talented writer but needs time to tell a proper story that short stories don't allow.