Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review - From Above by Jeremy Robinson @JRobinsonAuthor

I read Jeremy Robinson's From Above a science fiction noir tale. When a story starts with, "When my arm came off, I knew something wasn't right." You have to read it to the end. I love gritty hard-boiled detectives on the case. Robinson's character, Priest, wants to know who shot off his arm and in the process shot a mile deep hole in the Earth in the process.
Priest has a thing for Tac-suits and his new partner, Rehna.
It's a great story. I loved reading it because I can't get enough of these kinds of stories. You get a sense of the type of people that make up these two main characters and the choices they make are not out of the ordinary for them.
I recommend this to lovers of noir and detective stories.

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