Monday, January 16, 2012

Review - Deadlocked by A.R. Wise @arwisebooks

Deadlocked is a zombie novella of a four part series. The author is A.R. Wise. The Digital Ink Spot interviewed Mr. Wise recently and gave some insight to the story, that interview can be found here.

I was first attracted to the ebook cover. It looks like a screaming stone statue to me. Ever since watching the weeping angels on Doctor Who, I am weary of statues. My second attraction of course was that it was free.

The goal of this blog is to introduce others to new authors with a free ebook and potentially make a sale for these writers down the road. Honestly, My idea works because it worked on me. I liked Deadlocked so much a purchased Deadlocked 2. I got hooked. I like Wise's story so much I had to get the second book. That is the highest compliment I can give.

Now remember this is a zombie story. All the elements are there to tell a zombie story. Plus, Wise adds character development to his story. Something that lacks in zombie short stories. Many can be just a meat grinder story. I liked the main character, a lot. He has heart. He has real feelings and emotions and maybe most of all regret. It's that regret that drives David forward to do the things he does to reach his family across town and then do what ever it takes to keep his family alive and together.

Who I really liked and did not get enough of was David's wife, Laura. She is one little firecracker. She is like Ripley from Aliens on steroids. The second book in the series tells the same events in the first, plus more but from her perspective. That sounds too cool.

I liked it and I think you will too.

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