Friday, January 6, 2012

Interview with Mark Edward Hall @markedwardhall

Mark Edward Hall has been a storyteller his whole life. He says he didn't give in to the call until the age of 40. Since then he has written five novels, 50 short stories and several novellas.

I had the pleasure of asking Mark a few questions to get a feel about his horror novella The Breath of Life and few other things I was curious about. The The Breath of Life
is currently for free at Amazon.

You can find more free samples of his work on his website

The DIS: Your book The Breath of Life takes place in the Egyptian desert. I immediately think of the old black and white horror films with the mummy. Is that a fair comparison?

Mark Edward Hall: Yes, it is a fair comparison. I had those old movies in mind when I wrote The Breath of Life. Also, when I was a kid I found a trunkload of the old pulp novels in the attic of an uncle's house. I spent weeks reading them. They were full of adventure and excitement and usually contained some elements of mystery and horror. Right up my alley.

The DIS: You are a man of many talents. Do you design your own covers because they are very cool?

Mark Edward Hall: I design some of my own covers. The Breath of Life was one of my designs. On others I work with cover artists to get just the right look. Still others I commission from artists like Neil Jackson and Cyrus Wraith Walker. They both do great work.

The DIS: You have said that your greatest influence was your grandmother, Luella. Has any of the stories she told you made their way into the stories you've published?

Mark Edward Hall: Yes, The Hero of Elm Street. It is based directly on a story she told me when I was a child. You should check it out.

The DIS: You have a new novel coming out soon called Apocalypse Island. What is that about and when will it be available?

Mark Edward Hall: Apocalypse Island will be available in a couple of weeks, maybe a little sooner. If you want to know what it's about check out this magnificent trailer by Cyrus Wraith Walker.

The song at the end is by Dead Season, who are friends of mine. I was in a band with the bass player for six years. Great guys and a very popular up and coming band.

The DIS: You have a free audio version of the story The Fear available on your website. Do you plan to release more?

Mark Edward Hall: Absolutely. I plan to release all my work in audio just as soon as I can take a break from writing. I have two new novels coming soon after Apocalypse Island, so I'm pretty busy. I think more audio versions will appear this year.

You can find Mark Edward Hall at his website and on Twitter