Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Plein Air Murder by P. L. Gertner @diva7133

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A plein air painting class is interrupted when Ellie Nelson spots a body floating in the waters below Bagnell Dam in the Lake of the Ozarks.
Ellie once again becomes the target of a Denver-Kansas City crime family and finds herself in the protective custody of her FBI boyfriend, Special Agent Cord Sinclair.
While working together to figure out who is after Ellie, the couple also discovers what is most important to them…each other.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Path of the Chosen Warriors by Marshalee Patterson @MelnaMegan

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“A story of Spiritual warfare: the perpetual fight of good over evil in a paranormal setting with demonic forces attempting to overcome the Christians in the community.

This story draws you in and holds your attention as you want to know what the final outcome will be. Who will triumph? Will the evil forces of Abaddon defeat the Christians? Will Ruth and Joshua escape from Sodom Shadows and return to their home in Shiloh City?

Suspense, action, intrigue and romance, in this story, which takes the reader to the realm where the struggle for supremacy takes place.”

Staring into the eyes of the man she loved, Ruth knew coming home was where she would make her fondest memories with her beloved Joshua. She was looking forward to their journey together as man and wife.

All their plans were interrupted when they were caught up in a terrible storm, and their boat crashed in an unknown area.

Although they were lost, it seemed as if destiny had brought them to this unfamiliar territory, and until they discovered what it was and fulfilled it, their future together would be put on hold.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

RESUMES THAT WORK! by Kristopher Stanley @todayforlife

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Every success has a beginning. Today, you write your own.

Are you not getting calls for interviews? How about struggling to figure out what you need to do, what you need to say or where to even start?

I’m here to tell you, it’s not that you’re doing anything wrong. It’s that you need the right strategy.

You don’t have to settle for getting a job ever again. You have an opportunity to get the career you want. One that you can feel fulfilled with. One where you and the company can decide together if your goals are the same and it’s worth exploring more.

You see, we are living in a wonderful time in history. All the modern advancements have put the world at our fingertips. Yet the tools meant to bring us closer, let us drift a part.

There is a yearning to go back to our roots and reconnect, reengage and have relationships with the people and places that matter to us.

Resumes that Work! is a career development book, with a focus on resumes. It will help you identify your unique value proposition so that you can find fulfillment in a career of your choosing.

We streamlined the process and took all the guess work out of what to say and where to say it.

It will give you the insight to pass the ATS and human resource screening so that your resume reaches the right person. Once there, it will show you are a cultural fit and have them contacting you to continue the conversation.

More than that, it will help you identify your strengths and values and how to transcribe them in a way that you begin to build a relationship well before your interview, so you can begin creating an impact together.

Author Bio
Kristopher Stanley is a culture expert and human behavior specialist dedicated to impacting lives by helping people and companies find meaning and fulfillment.
He is the founder of Today for Life. An organization specializing in matching employees’ values with companies’ visions.
When not shaking hands, Kristopher is scuba diving, working on marine conservation, hanging out with his children or chasing a rare adventure.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

State of Grace by Elizabeth Davies @BethsBooks

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Grace has a terminal brain tumour and will die in the next few months. Roman has an addiction to blood, and could possibly live forever.

Grace is twenty-seven years old. When they meet in the twelfth century Roman is several hundred years old.

And Grace has another problem - she's from his future and neither of them believe it.