Saturday, June 16, 2018

Review - Judas by Roy Bright @Brightylad

After 2000 years walking the earth, Judas Iscariot, has seen it all, and more horror than he would care to. His punishment by God, for the betrayal of his son Jesus Christ, has him walk the earth for eternity, a broken man, unable to die. Yet, despite immortality, he has been bound by rules; never allowed to find love, raise a family, or make use of any wealth he might acquire. Throughout his sentence, God has given him tasks, ones he could not refuse, where his incredible skill with a sword is put to use against wayward demons, and the forces of evil. And at the end of 2012, a messenger appears, presenting him with his greatest and most important mission: For three days, he must protect six-year-old Charlotte Hope, as she approaches her seventh birthday. She is 'The Light', whose purpose is to shepherd humankind away from its hedonistic, violent and unruly ways. However, the forces of Hell also wish to acquire the child for their master, Lucifer, so that he may drain her light and become unchallenged in his crusade to dominate the kingdom of man. With the aid of the unlikely pairing of police detective Gary Cross and prostitute Abi Colter, can Judas protect Charlotte so that she may save all humankind and in turn, release him from the curse, thus allowing his entry into the White Kingdom, or will Lucifer succeed and bring forth the Apocalypse?

Review -  This book was a joy to read. Fast action and a well paced story. Judas is a great anti-hero if there ever was one and I look forward to the next book. Charlotte's character grows stronger with every new obstacle as she become aware of more and more what power she possesses.
The story of redemption and sacrifice is peppered through out this book. Some times it gets hard to swallow but that's life.
This hero's tale is well down and extremely enjoyable. The theology gets off track in some places but it fits the narrative that Judas is kept immortal for 2000 years. That fact would change the nature of God. So don't bring this book to the seminary just to the couch or lounge chair, read it and enjoy.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Change of Hart by D.P. Gertner @madmonc

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Eddy Hart is a not so hard-boiled private investigator. Amidst blackmail, murder and political intrigue that pit Eddy against Nazi spies and the Los Angeles mob, he finds unexpected support from a wealthy industrialist and discovers his secretary is anything but a simple Iowa farm girl. Just like 1940’s America, Eddy’s world is about to change.

Invasion of the Ninja by Jeffrey Allen Davis @jeffreyallendav

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Jamie and Yoshi are late twentieth century members of the Funakoshi ninja clan who were trained by Yoshi’s uncle, Tanemura Funakoshi. When the Waruiyatsu, a sinister clan with an ancient grudge, attack Jamie’s high school and hold his classmates hostage in an effort to bring Tanemura and his two students into the open, Jamie and his clan sister are forced to attempt a rescue.

Going along are a close group of friends, each with his own interest in the fighting arts. From Dave, whose muscle-bound frame and love of a good scuffle are overshadowed by his cheerful personality and kind heart, to Buster, whose Bible is his greatest weapon, each of their friends has a loyalty to them and each other that is stronger than the Waruiyatsu can ever fathom.

This is a story of courage, friendship, and faith ....

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Pillar of Light by Anna Travis

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When Nani awakens in the jungles of Brazil, she has no idea who she is or how she came to the tiny missionary hospital. When she finally manages to make new friends, the entire group is whisked away to another world where they quickly find themselves under threat from the Hunters of Avoria.

​In order to unravel her past, Nani is forced to align with one of the young men trying to capture her. But can she trust him? Will Nani forgive him for his past, in order to regain her own?

The first book of The Milana Legends, The Pillar of Light is, a Christian fantasy adventure about brave living, redemption, and forgiveness. Discover a thrilling journey through an enchanting world where faith blends with the fantastic.

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Catalyst by Antuan Vance @antuanvance

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They were called the Red.

They came in droves. Their great armies marched through cities and enslaved nations. Some worshiped them. Some surrendered in awe and terror. But when humanity resisted, the Red ravaged the world with fatal radiation and destroyed billions of lives.

After a long, hard fought battle, the Red were defeated. Humanity survived. And they killed every Red until not one of them walked among us.

Or so it was believed.

When Earth's greatest enemy returns, Lukas Brown must send his daughter and protegé west on a dangerous cross-country mission, and retrieve the key component to the world's survival, The Catalyst.

But the road west is filled with more delays and challenges than expected, and Lukas discovers there's more to their newest threat than meets the eye.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Salvation in the Sun by Lauren Lee Merewether @LLMBooks

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This future she knows for certain—the great sun city will be her undoing.

Amidst a power struggle between Pharaoh and the priesthood of Amun, Queen Nefertiti helps the ill-prepared new Pharaoh, Amenhotep, enact his father's plan to regain power for the throne. But what seemed a difficult task only becomes more grueling when Amenhotep loses himself in his radical obsessions.

Standing alone to bear the burden of a failing country and stem the tide of a growing rebellion, Nefertiti must choose between her love for Pharaoh and her duty to Egypt in this dramatic retelling of a story forgotten by time.