Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Resistance by J. Rodes @JRodes6

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No one stirred in the area—people stayed in their little hovels. Hiding, most likely. From the cold, the helplessness. Maybe from the Party. Staying out of sight, like cockroaches.
I am not a cockroach.

Sixteen-year-old Braxton Luther is determined to keep a grip on the dreams he has for his life. Success. Happiness. Love. When he’s challenged to stand in defiance of a Party that will demand his total allegiance, he’s not sure resistance will pay off. Actually, he’s pretty sure defiance will cost him everything.

Eliza Knight, however, doesn’t bow. Not if it means trading her soul for comfort. Which is a problem, because she’s the girl he can’t live without, and protecting her is everything to him.

When the threat to Eliza becomes darker than Braxton had ever imagined, reality sinks in.

Defiance is no longer optional.

Fast-paced and suspenseful, The Uncloaked trilogy is survival and suspense with a hint of romance. The political implications are a haunting echo of the dark places in the past while delivering a poignant warning for the future.