Saturday, May 12, 2018

Keepers of Grimoire by Brian Shukwit and Nicholas Newell @KGrimoire

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In a world of Ages past, all who were born on Shamerra have been forced to abide by the ancient law, “Might is Right.” Once conflict began, inhabitants of many races struggled to gather the largest forces, recruiting the strongest warriors and the brightest minds. This golden rule held Shamerra in its clutches.

But no longer! A mysterious beacon has altered the scales and now real power enters the land. What is this mysterious beacon? Soon they will have to overcome bone-shattering missions, face trials of the soul, and find the key to survival in the land of Shamerra.

Join the races of Shamerrans as they travel to a distant island in search of what lies at the source. The Mighty Ojivar, the proud Skrymerians, the resourceful Ishkans, and many more…