Sunday, May 6, 2018

Judas by Roy Bright @Brightylad

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After 2000 years walking the earth, Judas Iscariot, has seen it all, and more horror than he would care to.

His punishment by God, for the betrayal of his son Jesus Christ, has him walk the earth for eternity, a broken man, unable to die. Yet, despite immortality, he has been bound by rules; never allowed to find love, raise a family, or make use of any wealth he might acquire.

Throughout his sentence, God has given him tasks, ones he could not refuse, where his incredible skill with a sword is put to use against wayward demons, and the forces of evil. And at the end of 2012, a messenger appears, presenting him with his greatest and most important mission:
For three days, he must protect six-year-old Charlotte Hope, as she approaches her seventh birthday. She is 'The Light', whose purpose is to shepherd humankind away from its hedonistic, violent and unruly ways. However, the forces of Hell also wish to acquire the child for their master, Lucifer, so that he may drain her light and become unchallenged in his crusade to dominate the kingdom of man.

With the aid of the unlikely pairing of police detective Gary Cross and prostitute Abi Colter, can Judas protect Charlotte so that she may save all humankind and in turn, release him from the curse, thus allowing his entry into the White Kingdom, or will Lucifer succeed and bring forth the Apocalypse?