Wednesday, April 11, 2018

REVIEW: The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole! by by by Timothy W. Long @TimWLong & Jonathan Moon

Recipe for the apocalypse:
 * Four parts Horsemen of the Apocalypse
 * Three drops of bathtub LSD
 * A handful of sexual perverts
 * Garnish with a bunch of really hot pissed-off militant lesbians
 * Add a splash of savior approved Red Bull Shake or stir, just don't upset junk-monkey Phil in the process.

 Serve to the demons that are currently invading the Earth. You think you know how the world ends? You don't know shit! -- Armageddon arrived on a weekday, which was really inconvenient for a lot of people, including The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. After their appearance on The Kayla Mangrabler talk show, they decided to go their separate ways and cause as much havoc as possible. Jesus has been stuck at the craps table for three days, sipping vodka and Red Bull, completely missing the end of the world. But he is about to meet up with Death and go on a road trip that will test their resolve and their blood alcohol content. Meanwhile, an unlikely band of heroes are headed to Las Vegas to fight the Apocalypse. Creepy Chuzz and his one-armed, addict monkey Phil are flying there in an ice cream truck. Chuzz's best friend Leon plans to lend a hand, assuming he can escape the clutches of the insane Father Maniwhore not to mention Pestilence, who has designs on the janitor's bathtub-LSD-addled brain. Along the way they will encounter bouncing glory hole boxes, militant lesbians, an undead general, a flying demon named Princess Sally, hordes of zombies, and a trio of secret agents hellbent on delivering a Cease and Desist order to Lucifer himself. They'd better hurry, because the Devil is rising in the desert, and he is hungry to start the Apocalypse that his son could not. But only if he can get it on with his giant floating glory hole..

Review: Don't receive your theology from bizarro authors. They will lead you astray. What you can count on Long and Moon for is a wild trippy ride through the Apocalypse. Turn a way now if you have a sensitive disposition. Lots of bizarro tropes explored here. If you don't know what that involves, reread the description.

What else you can count on is a niche audience seeking and devouring these type of stories. What Long and Moon bring to the table is story telling ability. This is an interesting, complex and thought out, well planned story. It's not just for shock and awe. It's for entertaining and an example of good story telling. It's not your usual hero's tale but an theading of multiple story line surrounding an Apocalyptic event.

Read it.