Sunday, March 18, 2018

Review - Eli vs God: You Give and Take Away by John Moelker @moelker

A twenty-two-year-old, frustrated Eli Poole is about to break free from a Christian home where he clearly doesn’t belong. He can imagine the freedom. Free at last! No more disapproving looks from his father. No more incessant attempts by his mother to evangelize her wayward son. No more clingy, snot-nosed little brother to put up with. In 3 days, Eli will finally escape Hicksville and enter a brave, new world, full of bright lights and great expectations. Eli’s journey will take him into a wilderness of trials and temptations and a valley that is deep, dark, and full of danger. But he might also meet some strange and interesting people along the way. Who knows? He might even find some romance—if his greatest adversary allows it, that is. Eli believes that it’s Eli vs. the world. He’s about to find out that it’s not the world he has to worry about—it’s the world’s creator—the LORD God, Almighty. Eli is in for the fight of his life. A fight to the death. Join Eli on his journey. You might just see a little bit of Eli in you.

Review: Though this may be a redemption story, it will resonate more with those who are already believers in Jesus Christ and his teachings. For those outside that circle it will appear preachy and unrealistic. Eli converts too easily in my opinion, despite what he endures, I feel he rolled over too quickly. He has an extreme bad day and is undeniably headed toward rock bottom but doesn't quite reach it. I believe this hero story arch is flawed and rushed. It's a good story but it could have been great but it's not quite there.