Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Chasm Waxing by B. Michaels

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Chasm Waxing is the first novel in the Chasm Trilogy. It’s a realistic, apocalyptic, cyber-techno-thriller; ripped from today’s headlines—projected into the year 2020.

Startup kids, Becca Roberts and Josh Adler, work for companies selected by the NSA's new venture capital and startup accelerator firm. However, the NSA Director—General Shields, uses the accelerator to pursue a personal vendetta against ISIS with micro-surveillance robots. Meanwhile, Josh's AI unexpectedly discovers the location of an ancient religious relic with geopolitical implications.

Muhammad Rahmati, an Iranian Quds Force Commander, employs his own novel ideas to defeat ISIS. He'll use the victory as a springboard to build a new, technically-savvy empire. A crescent moon waxes in the Middle East. Becca, Josh, General Shields, and Rahmati engage in their first confrontation, impacting the global balance of power.

Chasm Waxing explores the burgeoning technologies of next-generation robots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Bitcoin/ Blockchain 2.0, hacking, driverless vehicles, augmented reality, gamification, encryption, and quantum computing.