Tuesday, February 6, 2018

They Rot by Luke Kondor @LukeofKondor

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Eight years ago an infection hit London, before spreading outwards. 90% of the population was either contained by the military, trampled during the riots, or infected by the disease.

A disease that came to be known as The Rot.

Colin Bolton survived the incident but not without losing everything he held dear to him – his life, his love, and his humanity.

Now, he’s living at a farmhouse, acting as a bodyguard for a new surrogate family. Life is stable. He’s making do. He’s surviving. That is… until a vagrant scavenger comes knocking at the door, desperate for food and water.

An encounter that will spin Colin’s life into chaos once more, bringing him face to face with a murderous family, the dead and the dying, and the failures of his past.