Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Review - Sold by Elena Davinski

Life is rarely fair. Such an idea is for children, those who haven’t experienced enough of the real world to know what struggle is life. I could say it wasn’t fair that my father was in debt. I could say it wasn’t fair that I was the one that stepped up to deal with the consequences. What would it matter, really, when at the end of the day I still ended up in the arms and bed of Nero Adams, the man to whom I sold my body so that my father could have a chance to live? Fairness didn’t come into play in such situations like this. The only thing you could worry about was whether or not you’d survive knowing you ended up falling in love with the man who might get you killed.

Review - I picked this up for two reasons. One, it was free for a limited time. Two, I saw this cover I had to know what the heck is going on. This cover has little to do with the initial story. The book has many, many bonus stories. Maybe they have more to do with the cover.

The primary story, Sold, is pure fantasy writing. Not the mythical creature kind of fantasy but the love story where nothing goes wrong with a happily ever after ending. Characters are completely one dimensional despite their inner dialogue for more from this so called life. The story is produced for reader escapism. For that purpose it gets an A plus.