Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Review - Sixth Prime by Dan O'Brien @AuthorDanOBrien

On the other side of the galaxy an eccentric artist, Ale Euclid, on the cusp of real success seemingly jumps to his death, beginning an investigation that will unravel a connection between 16 individuals scattered across the stars. C. Gideon Jane, investigator for the Sluga Mining Trust, has been called in to discover what really happened. While investigating, he crosses paths with Moira Cossima, a mysterious friend of Ale Euclid, whose insight leads him deeper into a sprawling conspiracy.

Meanwhile, treasure hunters J’quar and Fei are hot on the trail of an artifact called the Pondus at the behest of the Sluga Mining Trust. Trapped aboard a mining tower on Quartus, twins Leda and Lorelei must face down strange creatures and a monster that dwells deep within the ice floes of the red planet. Not far from the two sisters, a wrongfully accused inmate is haunted by what he has done, and what he has been asked to do.

An attack on the Dimidium-Bet waystation in neutral space by Grand Admiral Leahy of the Sovereignty tests an already shaky relationship between the two warring societies. Blaise Centauri, admiral of the Commonwealth fleet, and Nom Chatar, his second, arrive in time to save some refugees from the station, including Bar Thiel, a relief worker and doctor aboard the destroyed station.

Even though they begin worlds apart from one another, the universe has set them upon a collision course with one another…

Disclosure - I was provided free of charge by the Author a copy of the eBook.

Review - Books like these are a massive undertaking to write and to read. There are so many characters interacting within their story arc. O'Brien explores a self created galaxy of worlds, creatures and characters and does a excellent job weaving it all together.

What is interesting is the concept of Prime. Who is a Prime and what does it mean. Most importantly, what does Prime mean to The Darkness and The Devourer. On top of it all, intergalactic war is not out of the question. To say there is a lot going on is an understatement.

This is step one in a long foreseeable journey into Dan O'Brien's universe. Take the risk and follow where this story goes.