Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Corpus Callosum by Erika Price

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When 30-year-old firefighter Josephine Porter dies in the line of duty, her sister Jeanette arranges to have Joey’s brain uploaded to a computer system called BrightBox. At first, Jeanette is thrilled to have her sister’s mind stored in a small device that she can bring with her wherever she goes; life seems to become one unending slumber party.

But being trapped in a BrightBox doesn’t suit Joey well—she experiences painful phantom limbs, strange auditory and visual hallucinations, and finds herself remembering things that never actually happened. Plus there’s all the strange information that keeps downloading into Joey’s hard drive…information that Joey doesn't want to know, and that BrightBox’s parent company finds dangerous. Soon Jeanette must enlist the help of BrightBox’s sales representative and the product’s senile inventor, in order to track down the source of the strange downloads and restore her sister’s sanity.

Corpus Callosum is a work of literary science fiction that explores how people cope with death and anguish, how individuals form and express selfhood under extreme states of flux, and what we lose when all data is saved.