Monday, November 13, 2017

The Yogic Wisdom to Discover Your Soul: Manifest Your Greatness by Mr. Ravindra Raman Kalathil

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This book provides a profound insight into the science of yoga, ‘Raja Yoga’ (The King of Yoga), an ancient system of yogic science discovered in India 4000 years back, preserved in its purity and practiced. The book also introduces some of the great spiritual masters of past and present whose teachings and practice methodologies are changing the lives of millions all over the world. The book also touches the life experience of the author as to how he overcame severe setbacks in his life with the aid of the above spiritual tools and fulfilled his dream of writing this book. The concept of this book is that anything is possible with the divine strength and this book provides the means to acquire that divine strength from within. In a nutshell, this book aims to not only inspire others to not to give up on their dreams in the midst of challenges but also to guide them by providing all the necessary spiritual tools to manifest their potential and ultimately manifest their divinity, the purpose of all the human beings. The author’s own spiritual and life experiences propelled him to give birth to this book to help others to attain peace and well-being in their life.