Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Review: Wild West Detective by James Clay

Summary: Rance Dehner, an operative for the Lowrie Detective Agency, pursues a wanted killer to the small town of Hardin, Texas. After bringing down the killer in a gunfight, Dehner discovers the gunslick was in town to murder Leona Carson, a penniless 14-year-old girl with a baby. Dehner cannot understand why anyone would employ a gun for hire to kill Leona, and finding the answer to that question throws him into a whirlwind of violent encounters. Soon he must dodge bullets from an onslaught of professional killers, while uncovering the shameful secrets of Hardin's leading citizens.

Review: This was short and sweet. Much of the story line is telegraphed using all the old western tropes. Don't turn to this book to discovery anything new. Turn to this book to be entertained and amused. For some reason the author likes the words mumbo jumbo. It was overused but funny to me.

 The reader, Milton Bagby, does an excellent job of creating voices to help the listener differentiate between characters. The audio book was published by RadioArchives.com. They did a great job and added the cd ending interludes I love and spoke about in a previous review. Like I said, this isn't a ground breaking novel. It's short and uses well used western tropes to convey an unoriginal story. That doesn't make it a bad book. Think of it as an old friend that tells you an old story you never tire of hearing.