Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review: The Girl in the Spider's Web

Summary: she is the girl with the dragon tattoo—a genius hacker and uncompromising misfit. He is a crusading journalist whose championing of the truth often brings him to the brink of prosecution. Late one night, Blomkvist receives a phone call from a source claiming to have information vital to the United States. The source has been in contact with a young female superhacker—a hacker resembling someone Blomkvist knows all too well. The implications are staggering. Blomkvist, in desperate need of a scoop for Millennium, turns to Salander for help. She, as usual, has her own agenda. The secret they are both chasing is at the center of a tangled web of spies, cybercriminals, and governments around the world, and someone is prepared to kill to protect it . .

Review: David Largercrantz tries to capture the writing style of Stieg Larsson. He almost gets there. I'd say most of it pick ups right where Larsson left off but it is a task not easily done and Largercrantz' version of the Millennium gang feels like an evolution of a writer's style. It's an enjoyable story that feels rushed to get to the end. An ending that doesn't satisfy as previous books had. It does give a feeling that there could be more story.
The production of the CD was done well. There are no added interludes to indicate the CD is ending.
It is an enjoyable story worth the listen.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Review: Wild West Detective by James Clay

Summary: Rance Dehner, an operative for the Lowrie Detective Agency, pursues a wanted killer to the small town of Hardin, Texas. After bringing down the killer in a gunfight, Dehner discovers the gunslick was in town to murder Leona Carson, a penniless 14-year-old girl with a baby. Dehner cannot understand why anyone would employ a gun for hire to kill Leona, and finding the answer to that question throws him into a whirlwind of violent encounters. Soon he must dodge bullets from an onslaught of professional killers, while uncovering the shameful secrets of Hardin's leading citizens.

Review: This was short and sweet. Much of the story line is telegraphed using all the old western tropes. Don't turn to this book to discovery anything new. Turn to this book to be entertained and amused. For some reason the author likes the words mumbo jumbo. It was overused but funny to me.

 The reader, Milton Bagby, does an excellent job of creating voices to help the listener differentiate between characters. The audio book was published by They did a great job and added the cd ending interludes I love and spoke about in a previous review. Like I said, this isn't a ground breaking novel. It's short and uses well used western tropes to convey an unoriginal story. That doesn't make it a bad book. Think of it as an old friend that tells you an old story you never tire of hearing.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: The Reliquary by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Summary: Hidden deep beneath Manhattan lies a warren of tunnels, sewers, and galleries, mostly forgotten by those who walk the streets above. There lies the ultimate secret of the Museum Beat. When two grotesquely deformed skeletons are found deep in the mud off the Manhattan shoreline, museum curator Margo Green is called in to aid the investigation. Margo must once again team up with police lieutenant D'Agosta and FBI agent Pendergast, as well as the brilliant Dr. Frock, to try and solve the puzzle. The trail soon leads deep underground, where they will face the awakening of a slumbering nightmare... in Reliquary, from bestselling coauthors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

Review: This is my third book I've read by Preston and Child and I liked this way more than The Ice Limit. It might equal Two Graves as an intense adventure. This also introduces audiences to Pendergast for the second time. The Relic is the predecessor to this book. It was not necessary to have read The Relic. The gaps were nicely filled in for me and had no trouble following the story. The story is fast paced and very interesting.

The story comes from multiple characters that intertwine evenly and fairly. Though it is marketed as a Pendergast story, he is not the star nor the hero that saves everyone.

Dick Hill is the reader and he always does a wonderful job. I was originally drawn by the authors and to see that Dick Hill read it, was the icing on the cake.

Brilliance Audio is the publisher and they always do an excellent job. My favorite little tidbit is that they play a little interlude at the end of the CD to tell you the disc is finished. It's helpful to me and I really like it.

I can recommend this with out reservations. Pick it up.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Review: The Ice Limit by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

This is a fun story but extremely predictable as far as I'm concerned. There is a lot of science in this book. A lot. But the scientists are dumb because I new before they did what was coming at every turn/ That  makes it less enjoyable than hoped. Also the ending is a real downer. I hear there are indirect sequels to the story that I have yet to hear. I liked the premise and I am hopeful that that the entire story arc is more satisfying than the this story on it's own.

The only other story I've heard by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child was T
wo Graves. That was much more satisfying than this. Again it this has been continued in other unrelated stories, so there may be more to this than what has been told. The reader was Scott Brick and he did a wonderful job. His work alone keep me listening. I will add him to me list of favorite readers. Over all, an interesting story with a lackluster ending. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Interview with Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen

The Digital Ink Spot: We had the pleasure of interviewing author, Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen, I will allow her to introduce herself to you.
Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen: I'm an author, also a coach and an artist. I've just published 2 non-fiction ebooks - one for Women:Woman Rise and Shine - a simple path for women who want to be themselves and Flown the Coop - a guide to dealing with transition when the kids leave home.

TDIS: What are you trying to accomplish as a writer?
RBT: I have put all of my own experience and that of 12 years of coaching into these two books, offering a set-out guide to look at what comes up for you and how to deal with it. My own 3 kids left home within 9 months and I realized that there weren't too many books on the market to go to for some help. It's a huge transition people go through. I interviewed many parents and have given conclusions from these interviews. I want to give this to others who were in the same position as I was. The book for women takes a look at the life of a woman, especially from my perspective, as I grew up in a male dominated world. I had to find out for myself what it takes to be a woman, and I have been working with women for 12 years now, specializing in feminine problems. It's not that we have to look for something, we have to peel back the things keeping us back from being our real selves. This book shows us the importance of having other women in our lives, as it used to be within a women's circle.

TDIS: When is your book available?
RBT: These books have been available since 1st March 2016. I'm writing another one for women about how they can tidy up their lives, as soon as I have the two translated into German and published. I declared last year as the year of writing for me, and managed the two books I most wanted to write. I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

TDIS: Where can readers find you?
RBT: Readers can find me on Facebook and on my website My books are on sale on amazon: and

TDIS: Why should people read you stories?
RBT: The best answer for why my books should be read are the reviews:

Flown the Coop - "This book gives an invaluable insight into all that can happen when our children ‘fly the coop’ written from the heart, from first hand experience, from the pain, the reality and the truth from what was, to what is, to what can be! We are taken gently and with exquisite compassion thru’ the steps of transition and given practical suggestions and examples to guide us and bring us the freedom to revel in who we are! now! at this moment in our lives! We can truly acknowledge and ultimately celebrate ourselves – with all the discovered aspects of what new directions we might take, what we can achieve, what we can change and how we can bring about those changes – we are shown the glorious possibilities of choice!" -Tricia Hudson

 “This book emanates a confident woman, whose life's experiences have taken her to the edge and beyond and her courage has given her the power to move through its challenges and come out the other side glistening. She has listened well to all her teachers and she has understood the truth. Each chapter gives the reader a glimpse into her life, making it personal, and in that share, the subject matter is easier to hear.“ Valerie Hayes TAWA

 "Page after page is filled with love as Ruth guides us to discover the religion of love any woman naturally connects to. With this book she encourages all women to ride the way of female liberation sweeping the planet and get their surfboards ready to even enjoy the ride - arm in arm with men as they rise and shine into a more natural world. A easy and inspiring read, to come back to time and time again!" Ariane Schurmann, author, seminarleader and founder of Donna Divina International

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Review: Extinction Evolution (The Extinction Cycle Book 4) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

I picked this up without knowledge of the books prior to its release. It's the fourth in series. What drew me immediately was the reader, Bronson Pinchot. Maybe you don't know Bronson like I know Bronson. He has a very special place in my heart as an actor from a TV series called Perfect Strangers 

I loved that show. But you are wondering about the audiobook. It is well read by Bronson. It is well written by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. The story of a world devastated by a virus outbreak where an elite fighting force works to gather as much data on a new species formed by the virus in order to kill the variants and take back earth as the dominate species.

I enjoyed the book despite not having read (heard) the other audiobooks. I would love to see how this series ends. The final book volume was released in February and the audiobook will be available April 19th.

I hope you pick this gem up. I love finding a new author what can write good stories and has other books available to gobble up. Look forward to more reviews for this author.