Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Splicer by Theo Cage (Author), Russ Smith (Editor)

#Technothriller #free #mystery The CIA calls it a “Frankenstein app” – a new desktop device that any terrorist, in a matter of hours, could use to build a new virus, create a deadly new disease or completely modify human engineering. With a few screen touches, it would be possible to create a monster with the potential to kill millions. A biotech start-up, GeneFab, owns the patent on the Splicer, but everyone from international terrorists, the CIA and a mysterious US government agency, are fighting to steal the technology. The billionaire behind GeneFab is found garrotted in the parking lot of an exclusive business club. The prime suspect is a former employee who quickly lawyers up with one of the hottest criminal defenders in the city – pugnacious and troubled Janey McEwan. McEwan soon becomes embroiled in a battle between a crack team of professional killers and her penniless client – who she happens to be falling in love with. The story reaches its dark climax on a craggy mountain in the wilds of Canada – the doomsday retreat of a shadowy CIA legend – a place they call Ragnarock.