Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Minecraft Books for Kids: The Complete Minecraft Book Series (4 Minecraft Novels for Kids) by Brock Netherward

#free These books are perfect for almost all #Minecraft fans, starting from children ages 8 and up!
Trapped in Minecraft: Spud’s Thrilling Adventure in the Overworld

Trapped in Minecraft starts with Spud, a perfectly normal kid, who gets home and plays his Minecraft game. Like most nights, he plays for as long as he can. But this time, he soon finds himself trapped inside the Minecraft game, fighting for his survival. Will Spud escape or become another victim to Minecraft?

Stories from the Skylands

This story starts with our main characters, Rozzie & Greyson, tricking their parents into letting them hunt for secret treasure on Shell Mountain. Once they reach the mountain, however, they are transported to a strange, dangerous world – the Skylands! Filled with floating islands, weird creatures and dangerous obstacles, the Skylands make Rozzie and Greyson wish they were back at home under the covers!

Escape from Minecraft: Buck Descends into the Caves

Buck was having another normal night, playing Minecraft in hopes that his mom would stop bothering him. The longer he plays, however, the more he realizes he is being transported into the game! Soon he is in the caves, battling angry creepers and scary zombies. Will Buck be able to lead his group through the spooky Minecraft caves and get back to the real world?

Herobrine Invades the Overworld

The Overworld has been swarmed and civilization destroyed by massive hordes of attacking Creepers. Someone is behind it – and some say it’s Herobrine. Our three heroes, Tone Dead, Fumbles, and Moose, form a deadly team and fight their way through horde after horde. Finally, they encounter the legendary Herobrine. But Herobrine wasn’t exactly who they thought…