Sunday, June 1, 2014

Interview with Ignatius Fernandez @Ignatius1939

The Digital Ink Spot spoke briefly with author, blogger, speaker, counselor, senior management professional, professor and corporate trainer, Ignatius Fernandez. With so much experience it seems only natural for you to write down what you know and share your knowledge. How long have you done just that?
Ignatius Fernandez: I have tried my hand at writing over the last nineteen years, during which time I have published seven books and over sixty articles in professional and religious magazines and sites. Small output, I admit.

The Digital Ink Spot: What are you trying to accomplish as a writer?
Ignatius Fernandez: The only reason I write is that readers pause and ponder. A kind of crusade - if that is the right word. I share my thoughts on spirituality, religion, relationships, parenting, and related subjects. Only nonfiction. I do read or write fiction. The latest book is on Virtue and Value-based Parenting - The Child Is father of the Man, Tips and Techniques for Wise Parenting. The feedback has been encouraging.

The Digital Ink Spot: When is your newest book available?
Ignatius Fernandez: The Child is Father of the Man, is available at Amazon and Kindle. I started writing it about three years ago.

The Digital Ink Spot: Where can readers find you on the web?
Ignatius Fernandez: My website is the starting point: I also host a blog by the same title: Besides, I am on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

The Digital Ink Spot: Why should people read your stories. What sets them apart from the rest?
Ignatius Fernandez: I do not write to impress, but express my thoughts on the subject - direct and simple. My style tries to be chatty and warm; trying gently to persuade readers to think. At all times, I keep the reader in mind, so that I relate to her/him. Why should they read my books? Because I address their concerns, in a simple and clear fashion, so that all types of readers can understand the content and connect with it. When a few do that, I am rewarded. Thank you for your time. God bless.