Sunday, June 8, 2014

Interview with Deanna Kahler @DeannaKahler

The Digital Ink Spot: Who is Deanna Kahler?
Deanna Kahler: I'm a proud mom and an accomplished writer. I was born and raised in the Detroit, Mich., area. My love of writing began as a young child, and I was often found writing poems, short stories and plays. I've always been creative, sensitive and highly motivated. I hold a bachelor's degree in Communication Arts from Oakland University in Rochester, Mich., where I graduated with departmental honors. I've worked professionally as both a writer and editor, and my work has been published in numerous corporate newsletters and magazines across the country. I've written three books so far. My memoir, From Pain to Parenthood, was named a finalist in the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the Parenting/Family category. I'm quite proud of this accomplishment and the positive difference this book has made on the lives of those who have suffered miscarriages and are considering adoption. When I'm not writing, I love spending time with my family and especially enjoy being outside.

The Digital Ink Spot: What are you trying to accomplish as a writer? What is your latest story about?
Deanna Kahler: My goal is always to touch lives and inspire others. I write to make a difference in the world. My latest book, A Rare Gem, is a children's story about self-worth. The message to kids is that it's okay to be different and that every person is unique and special. The story follows Princess Towonga, a very tiny girl who is the size of a Barbie doll. She often feels left out because she can't participate in the same activities as her friends. Then one day the princess must perform a special task that only she can do. That's when she realizes that she doesn't need to be like anyone else.
I also have an adult fiction paranormal book, Echoes of Paradise, which was released earlier this year. Echoes of Paradise is about the afterlife and the power of love. The main character, Celeste, loses a former love who was also her soulmate. She then starts noticing many strange coincidences that seem to be connected to him. She wonders if his spirit is reaching out to her and embarks on an incredible journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Anyone who has lost a loved one will relate to her grief and emotions. And all readers will be inspired by the touching love story and beautiful imagery.

The Digital Ink Spot: When is your newest book available?
Deanna Kahler: A Rare Gem is available now on The paperback was released on May 17, 2014, and the Kindle version was available a few weeks prior to that. I'm also now working on Visions of Mortality, which will be a stand-alone sequel to Echoes of Paradise. The book will feature a few of the original characters and also have a paranormal theme, but it isn't necessary to read the first book in order to enjoy it.

The Digital Ink Spot:Where can readers find you, (social media, readings, blogs, your books)?
Deanna Kahler: Readers can find me in various places. All three of my books: A Rare Gem, Echoes of Paradise and From Pain to Parenthood: A Journey Through Miscarriage to Adoption are available on I also have a web site and Facebook fan pages. And, I'm on Twitter, Google + and GoodReads. I love to hear from readers and always appreciate feedback! Here are the links to my pages: Author web site: Echoes of Paradise Facebook Fan page: From Pain to Parenthood Facebook Fan page: Twitter Handle: @DeannaKahler GoodReads:
/show/7087819.Deanna_Kahler Google + BellaOnline Adoption Site:

The Digital Ink Spot: What sets your stories apart from the rest?
Deanna Kahler: My stories come from my heart and soul. My writing is genuine, and I use my life experiences to craft an imaginative yet realistic story. When readers pick up one of my books, they can expect to not only be entertained but also get a glimpse of who I am. Like I said, I strive to make a difference in the world, so each of my books includes a life challenge or struggle that the main character must work to overcome. For this reason, my stories are universal in appeal and can be enjoyed by everyone.