Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review: Salted Lithium: A Short Story by Karen Jung @TweetKarenJung

Salted Lithium: A Short Story (Red Shorts Series)

Summary: Peter is puzzled. How did he get into this situation? But more importantly how can he get out of it? His road trip with Lisa from London to Hastings leads him and the strange girl towards an unforeseen destination.

Review:  This is my introduction into Jung's writings and what a great job. It takes off like a rocket and quickly reveals that there is more here than you expect. Jung has to pack a lot of information in very little space of only 14 pages. It is a job well done. Please read it carefully, Jung drops clues like bread crumbs for the reader to pick up and follow to their secret destination. It pays off.
Small price with a big ending. Read it.