Friday, April 18, 2014

Review: Floor Four by A. Lopez Jr. @acehilink

Floor Four

Summary: ‘A loud bang was heard from above, scaring the boys. They shined their lights up the stairwell. The sounds of chains rattling on the floor stirred the dust above. Something or someone was up there. Doug, hiding his fear, took a couple of more steps up. Brandon and Kyle looked at him, their feet locked in place. They had no intention of going any further.’

A tale of horror with a twist of the Twilight Zone. The old, abandoned Saint Vincent Hospital is said to be haunted by the ghost of David Henry Coleman, the notorious serial killer, known as The Mangler. Coleman died on the fourth floor after being shot by police. For the three Jr. High boys, their curiosity gets the best of them as they explore the old hospital, despite ‘Old Man’ Jake’s warning. No one knew of Jake’s dark connection to the killer and the hospital. And now, on the anniversary of The Mangler’s death, a group of high school kids are planning a private party on the haunted fourth floor. Jake must keep everyone out and protect them from the true evil that lurks on Floor Four.

Review: Well written but not well executed. It flowed well and developed a good story but not an exciting story,  I was constantly hoping it would end soon. The latter story is better written than the former. I credit this to the rewrite and addition to the story whole. I compare this to a 80s style horror movie. But only the first part, after that it get more interesting but by that time I was looking earnestly for the end. The author is not a bad story teller. I only wish the style of writing was as consistent as the second part. I recommend passing on the story but checking out the author.