Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review: Debbie Does Monsterland by Emma Steele

Debbie Does Monsterland (F*ck All Monsters, Book 1)

Summary:  Life has been stressful for Nancy "Debbie" Archer since she became fifty feet tall. Confined to a medical research facility, she spends her days lost in self-pleasure, desperately trying to satiate the GIANT sexual desire that comes with being a GIANT woman. The guards may ogle her, and her perverted psychiatrist may hit on her, but there's not a lover in the world with the stature to satisfy her... or so she thinks.

Her thoughts change when she sees a TV program about Monster Island, home of the world's giant monsters. Watching two monsters make love, Nancy's fantasies ignite. Soon she can't stop thinking about Monster Island... about the giant monsters (who are giant in more ways than one) and what they could do for her. Breaking out of confinement, she goes on a carnage-filled mission to Monster Island—not to DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, as mankind had once tried to do; but to ENJOY all monsters, as only she knows how.

Review: A very short read with a sex crazed 50 feet tall woman. No man may satisfy her and she's not doing a good on her own but she tries. The only character you get to know very well is Nancy. The rest of the characters are there for little reason other than someone has to hold her captive. This story goes by real hard and real fast and yes that is an euphemism. In case you glance over the title, this is an erotic piece involving mythical monsters. The same monsters I grew to love on Saturday afternoons on TV. As a preteen I guess I never thought what those monsters did to be so many. This story helped to fill the gaps. *wink-wink* What she has to go through to find happiness is heroic. She does swim and ocean to reach her fantasy lover.
For those who love this genre, you will enjoy every drop of this ejaculant filled story.